Trademark provides workshops in various locations including but not limited to schools, colleges, prisons, universities, festivals, fun days, homes, community centres, art centres and local authority ran projects. 

The two main focuses are mental well being and youth/adult offending.  With experience in both areas and the ability to engage participants Trademark shows how Hip Hop culture can have positive effects on people with issues in these areas

The remedy-Hip Hop & Mental health

This workshop focuses on Hip Hop in relation to mental well-being.  As arts in general become evermore visible in therapies and coping techniques Hip Hop as a culture can and does play a huge role in getting to the core of these issues.  Workshops are catered to suit the task and audience at hand and cover the original four elements although from the perspective of a rapper.  As well as a fun experience the workshops enable participants to express themselves and develop in areas such as literacy, confidence, teamwork, communication, performance, poetry and songwriting.  

The Switch- Hip Hop & crime

Geared towards offenders and potential offenders this workshop explores how Hip Hop as a culture can assist in making a change in direction in a persons life.  Enabling the participants to get to the core of why different crimes are committed and what alternatives there can be with some self-assessment, self-knowledge and self-help.  The workshop is very inclusive however would suit people with an interest in the Hip Hop culture.


Prices depend on class size, length of session, number of sessions and distance, please contact for further enquiries. 

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